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Law for entrepreneurs


Creative Arts

Our creative arts lawyers at Replin Law Group go beyond entertainment law to include representation in all aspects of creative arts.

  • Fashion: Fashion law is rapidly evolving. Our experienced attorneys help designers with business planning and growth, design and brand protection, and expansion into manufacturing, selling wholesale and retail.
  • Film & Television: Our firm has extensive experience working through every stage of filmmaking, guiding projects from inception through release in many different formats.
  • Music: Our music attorneys have an acute understanding of the music business and  experience in every aspect of the industry, from major label record deals to management agreements to licensing.
  • Visual Art: Visual artists must have the creative space to work and the ability to generate income from their creations. Replin Law Group can help artists protect their rights and succeed in a competitive environment.
  • Web Development & Design: The internet is the creative space of the 21st century and a good attorney understands the intersection of the internet and the law as it relates to web design and development.
  • Writing & Publishing: From copyrights to infringements, endorsements, and contracts, every step of getting a work published requires a multitude of legal services offered by our firm.