Intellectual Property  Law

Intellectual Property Law

The most well-known types are copyrightspatentstrademarks, and trade secrets.

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Most people do not know the difference between copyrights and trademarks nor when each is appropriately used and protected.  Replin Law Group knows that it is critical to have the eye of an experienced individual look at each potential use of material for a risk assessment.


The legal definition of copyright describes what qualifies for copyright protection as existing in “original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression.”

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The actual process of filing material with the US Copyright Office is something that we do in order to ensure proper protection for our writers, photographers, and others, broadly.

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Licensing is the best and only real way for copyright owners to earn income for their creative works (of course, sales being the other).

Quality Matters

The potential of earning an income as the result of licensing the use of your material depends upon its quality, its potential market, and the terms of your license.

We know the Process

Here at Replin Law Group, we help avoid disaster by having your license reviewed and/or prepared by someone with knowledge of these agreements and the ways in which you can both protect your intellectual property and to maximize its income potential at the same time.

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