Testimonials 1

Steve is an exceptional attorney. He listens to your needs and provides the best quality service for the money. I will continue recommending him to all my business associates.

Da’vid Gurion

World class legal advice! Helped negotiations on various projects, and clearly explained strategy and law behind it, which helped me understand the nuisances! {para}Happily working in Film Production as a Producer/Director. Steve has set me up with great contracts which enable me to focus on the art, and not the legal details!

Lisa Smith

I would love to mention that Steve Replin is a great man doing a great job. I felt more welcome than some places. He is very friendly, wise and professional. Also, he knows his job very well. Steve treating me as a VIP not just a regular customer. We need and want people like him. Thank you.

Sherry Mcdonald

The Replin law group is second to none. Steve is extremely professional and easy to work with. He handled all my concerns very thoroughly, affordable, and in a timely manner. Steve communicated with me throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

William Blake

I am very glad I called Steve (Replin) to be my attorney. He took care of me and guided me through the whole process of forming a business, which was a huge stress reliever given that I am new to this. He helped me form my business and contracts, was always there when I had business/law questions (all I had to do was dial), and he’s also a great guy! I believe in our conversation Steve said he has 20+ years of experience practicing law; it shows in the excellent quality of his work.

Steve Brown

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