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The Replin Law Group, LLC uses analytics in order to better define who is visiting our site, the source of the visit, keyword data used to access our site, data from cookies, and other related information. In the event that we use cookies, such use is for internal purposes only in all cases. We do not store any data related to any specific visitor. Any and all personally identifiable information is not disclosed in the absence of being legally compelled to do so.

The Replin Law Group, LLC may solicit comments or questions via forms contained within its website. We may also develop ongoing communication to interested parties such as newsletters, blog posts and so on. Regardless of our responses to the solicitation of personally identifying information, we will only use this information to respond to the individual requesting such information or asking a question with the information that is asked for. We will not share any such personally identifying information to outside parties unless we are legally compelled to do so.

Our site may contain links that reference third party websites. In such cases, you engage the link at your own risk. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices, nor for any content that is contained on such linked site. We do not monitor these linked sites, if any, with any regularity and hence, we are not in a position to know what information is presented at any given time, nor if the site is secure in any way

The Replin Law Group, LLC has instituted procedures that add protection against hacks or outside interference with our website. We cannot assure any visitors to our site, however, that we are free of any outside interference with all or any portion of our content or functionality.

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