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Creative Arts 

Our creative arts lawyers at Replin Law Group goes beyond entertainment law to include representation in all aspects of creative arts.


Fashion law is rapidly evolving. Our experienced attorneys help designers with business planning and growth, design and brand protection, and expansion into manufacturing, selling wholesale and retail.

Visual Art:

Visual artists must have the creative space to work and the ability to generate income from their creations. Replin Law Group can help artists protect their rights and succeed in a competitive environment.

Film & Television

Film & Television

We focus on creating strong contracts to protect you and your creative work, giving it the best opportunity to make money and advance your career. We cover the necessary entity set up for your production company, as well as negotiate talent and crew deal memos, provide representation to agents, managers, and investors, as well as oversee sale or licensing deals with distributors and studio networks.


Our music law services cover a range of offerings, including: trademarking a band name, copyrighting music and lyrics, LLC formation and strategy, agreements (band, venue, business, co-songwriting, and publishing), music consulting, strategic growth planning, publishing company setup, and music equipment insurance.


Writing & Publishing

Our attorneys work in all levels of the publishing field, from advising authors to counseling publishing houses, including options and purchase arrangements, and ranging from children’s books to popular fiction to educational materials.

Web Development & Design

Web Development & Design From intellectual property rights to licensing and work-for-hire contracts, our firm is adept in all areas of digital development and design in order to protect you as a developer to maintain your artistic rights and monetize your work.


Our firm protects all forms of digital and print photography, from copyright and trademark filings, to contracts with galleries and museums, to negotiations over licensing and selling individual pieces. Pirate Finder, LLC was designed with the creative artist in mind to protect all digital works.

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The career of these particular attorneys start in a firm of trademark attorneys in which they are specialist in trademark work. After that, they can be hired by bigger companies interested in attorneys qualified enough to deal with their issues. Among the many things that a trademark lawyer must do, there are the assessment on the usage and the registering of trademarks as well as other processes related like oppositions, assignations, invalidation’s, revocations and more. They can also deal with infringement issues. To keep their status of formally registered, they must comply with ethic norms and standards. The difference is that in the USA, attorneys have a wider permission of exercising easily since the paperwork required to be certified and to work in the trademark field is less demanding. Colorado Copyright Law


Denver Entertainment Lawyer. Skilled legal advice is the most important aspect in making complex business decisions. Our attorneys guide you through every stage of business development, starting at formation and continuing as your business grows over time.  We assist business owners, artists, and developers, among others, in ensuring the safety of their intellectual property and their business, both protecting and enhancing value by identifying and defending rights in a variety of areas.


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